Death. Generally, this means Game Over. There are many ways to die too. Letfs go over them.



Simply put, this means when your Health hits 0, and you fail to Resist your death. Confused? Let me explain it to you with a little demonstrationc


A fight has broken out, and is rapidly growing violent. Marlene gets separated by the teamsf medic, Fei, and is now fighting by herself. However, things turn for the worse, and Marlene who is already down to 43 Health, gets hit for 83 damage. Her DR (25%) reduces the damage by 21 points, bringing it to 61 damage. Her PDR (10%) reduces the damage by a further 6 points, making it 55 damage.

        Marlenefs health has now dropped below 0. She hits the floor heavy, as half of the excess damage (43-55) 12 points is converted to Stamina damage. Her stamina, which is at 63, is now reduced to 51.


So our friend Marlene has had her health reduced to 0. She is now dying. As mentioned in the example, every point under 0 is converted to Stamina Damage, and this is not a good thing because your Stamina is the only thing keeping you from going from Dying to Dead. While in a state of dying, your character may not contribute or interact with

        Each turn, while dying your character will take 5 Stamina Damage, and each turn you will need to make a Resist roll to stay conscious. The amount of Stamina remaining determines the difficulty of the roll.

100% Stamina to 76% Stamina = Easy Difficulty.

75% Stamina to 51% Stamina = Average.

50% Stamina to 26% Stamina = Difficult.

25% Stamina to 1% Stamina = Very Difficult.


Failure to make a Resist roll will result in instant incapacitation. When your Stamina reaches 0, as standard rules, your character will then be incapacitated. Once incapacitated, you character has Endurance number of turns to be stabilized or your character will die.

There are, however, several ways to keep your character from dying. Check through the spells, traits and drugs for ways to keep your character alive for just that little bit longer.



When dying and incapacitated, your character only has a few turns to be stabilized

before he or she dies. The number of turns is equal to your characterfs Endurance.


Letfs return to see how Marlene fairs now that she is dyingc


Marlene lays on the floor, her Health reduced to 0, and only 51 Stamina keeping her alive. She has a Resist of 50 and rolls a 55 for her first turn. With average difficulty, she would have failed, but her trait of I Donft Wanna Die adds 10 to her Resist for the purpose of resisting death, increasing her Resist to 60, making the roll successful.

        Making it past the first round safely, her Stamina now drops to 46. All Resist rolls are now difficult, meaning she must now roll under 30 to survive. Thankfully, Fei has reached her again with the help of Red and Jrake, who are now covering both Marlene and Fei as he gets to work. The next turn, as Fei attends to her, she rolls a 23 for her Resist, and Fei manages to stabilize her.


Marlene only just managed to get out of trouble. However, she must still recover from her near-death experience, which is something that will be explained later.




Death by Character Deterioration happens when one of the characterfs base statistics deteriorates to 0. Thatfs right, if your characterfs Strength, Agility, Endurance, Perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Spirit, Dexterity or Luck drops to 0, your character will die. You may not resist this death as you could with Health Lose.

        The most common way to die like this is through drug overdose, or withdrawal.  It is possible for low statistic characters to die from critical injuries this way as well.



Do not let your characters base statistics reach 0, or your character will die!




Death by Critical Hit happens during combat, and only when someone attacking you scores a critical success. Just as it works for you, enemies who score critical successes can cripple your character, or instantly kill him or her. Such methods are a critical head shot, or piercing the heart.

        There is nothing you can do about a death by critical hit, and you may not resist it. Simply put, you got unlucky.