Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Jaded Marble


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Glass shattered as a brick plummeted through the window, littering the store with glittering shards of diamond dust. Feet made short work of what remained of the window before the vandals became intruders, but they were still intent on vandalism. Tables were upturned and chairs knocked over or smashed against walls and other tables. The cash register was pillaged. Food displays destroyed, and any food that was on display was spoiled, destroyed or stolen. The large memorial photographs of a loved one that recently passed away that stood in every window were either knocked over or destroyed, and the flowers that surrounded them had little chance under the weight of the vandals. Spray paint was passed around, and racial abuse was written across the walls, windows, and any remaining photograph.

Most of the vandals would later regret their actions. Confused by the latest world developments, they joined in the attack on a foolish spur of the moment whim. Some of the vandals however, were spurred on by a new type of racial hatred.  They feared what was different from them. It looked like them, acted like them, and it might have even been their friends. But they found out that it was just slightly different than them, in a way that they never thought possible. Now they rejected it.

The police eventually arrived, only to make the mess even bigger. In the process of trying to subdue the vandals, more chairs, tables and displays were destroyed. Some of the vandals escaped into the back of the shop, and only the noise that come from within told of the damage that was being caused.

Beyond the crowd of spectators and media, a convoy of black cars escorted by police attempted to squeeze through the mob. From within one of the cars, unable to do anything but watch and weep because of political restraints, was Fate Testarossa Harlaown. She prayed to which ever God would listen that Vivio wouldn't have to see what was happening to the Midoriya Cafe.



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